About Our Company

Aurora, Inc. established in 1998 as a result of research and development related to Bio energy design dealing with light and sound energy effects upon cellular level to heal physical problems. The technique was based on a device to enable clearing the Lymph system from toxins. Oxygen imposed at cellular level to ensure the cell’s nourishment takes place properly.

Unfortunately, although effectiveness of the products, such devices would prove costly for ordinary home use. Ultimately, the research team was able to produce Ozonated Oils such Ozonated olive Oil. Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, and Shea Butter for topical application.
This extensive research project led to the manufacture and production of natural and effective skin care products offering remarkable healing results.
Each product is designed to significantly enhance beauty and healing while eliminating accumulated toxins built up during metabolism in the largest organ of the body.

Quality of the products
Last 16 years experiences has shown that our products quality is not comparable with any exiting ones in the market. That is based on knowledge, research, and improvement. Our Ozone Generator and reactor are made from glass and generated ozone doesn’t touch metal or any contaminator. Claim (Pure Ozone with no metal touch)
We use Oxygen 95-98% purity for Ozonation, not atmospheric air which carries many impurities lower quality.
We use first cold press grade Extra Virgin Olive oil. Jojoba oil that is pure Golden Jojoba oil. It means the oil is obtained by cold press and retains it’s high quality.
The same quality is applicable to Grapeseed Oil. Cold press Grapeseed Oil.
Our products: No chemicals, No preservatives, 100% natural.
The Potency of Ozonated Oils is so high in liquid form, which is not obtainable from any other places. Our Ozonation method is a slow process continuing for a long period of time. For example, one batch of our Ozonated olive Oil takes two weeks 24/7.